This is essentially a collection of several links to acting resources, most of which are stolen from various places on the internet (from reddit mostly) and should serve to assist those interested in reading more into theatre.

I would highly recommend visiting the subreddits of r/theatre and r/acting from which I gained a considerable amount of the information for this page. These are forums which do have people who have professional experience and are well-informed and friendly so if you have any questions which your fellow society members cannot answer, it is worth asking on these forums

Here’s a link to the various subreddits related to theatre ranging from props to lighting. Definitely worth having a browse!

Here’s a list of Blog Posts we’ve written which might be of assistance too:

Theatre Practitioners by Jevan Cannon

Related to acting in Shows:

Recommended Play Reading 

Recommended Reading for Technique 

Tips for Monologues 

Related to Teching Shows:

Here’s a link to a subreddit dedicated entirely to theatre tech, it’s brilliant and has all sorts of useful links including a guide as to properly wrap up cables (the over-under technique!)

Introduction to Lighting Design Programming

Theatre Lights Explained

Related to Stage Makeup:


Glam and Gore Makeup

Thasa Chocho SFX Makeup

EllieMacs SFX Makeup


Suggestions for Accounts to follow:

  • Guardian Stage
  • Playbill
  • New York Times Theatre

Stage Milk too is worth looking at. Though quite basic it does have some very good tips on vocal and physical warm-ups, so worthwhile for potential future directors in the society!

If film-making is more your style then do check out Rocket Jump Film School which has a tonne of great video tutorials which span from directing to sound editing.

If you have any sites to recommend please comment below!

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