The Vagina Monologues 2017

Shoreline Theatre once again contributed to Vday with its performance of “The Vagina Monologues”. This year we managed to raise a grand total of £345.50, for both Swansea Women’s Aid and Swansea Women’s Centre. This year the organisers were Emily Porritt and Maegan Bryon.

“The show went really well, and it’s such an important cause that having such a large number of people getting involved was really encouraging” (Rachael Skilling)

“So much fun and for a great cause! Feeling empowered” (Emily Summers)

“It was great being part of a show that deals with such delicate and meaningful issues. I was left with a feeling of empowerment and maybe with a little more faith in humanity”(Chiara Campolo)

“I think half of how great the performances were was due to how important the cause was to everyone involved in the whole thing. It was a truly great experience to have been part of this passionate group of girls for this performance” (Hanna Hellmuth)

“I loved seeing how empowered and passionate the cast became when performing and talking about all the issue involved. Considering the short rehearsal time, everyone who participated in the production put on an amazing performance and artfully captured the feeling and messages in the Vagina Monologues. I could not be prouder of all these wonderful women” (Maegan Bryon)

“This year I had the incredible privilege of directing the Vagina Monologues with Maegan Bryon. The show has always been a highlight of my year and getting to bring together a group of amazing women and see the pieces take on a new life driven by truthful and honest performances was an honour and I was so humbled by the amount of support we had. The turnout was overwhelming and I’m so proud of the amount of money raised by the show for Swansea Women’s aid and Swansea Women’s Centre.” (Emily Porritt)

You can check out photos of the performance here

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