The Lieutenant of Inishmore

“The Lieutenant of Inishmore” was directed by Josh Hutin and Assistant Director Michael Jeffrey.

Set in grim and divided 1990s Ireland this play by Martin McDonagh featured a crazed cat-loving sociopath called Paidric who was too volatile even for a splinter group of the IRA. After finding Wee Thomas, Paidric’s cat mangled by the side of a road, Davey a young lad on the Island of Inishmore takes the battered moggy to Paidric’s father Donny. Not wanting to distress his unstable son Donny tells him through a phone call that the is merely sick which sends Paidric into a frenzy and causing him to rush back to his hometown. Unfortunately he just so happens to bump into members of his old Splinter group, the INLA, who may or may not be behind his moggy’s predicament. He also meets Davey’s 16-year-old sister, Mairead, who like Padriac is enamoured with the freedom of Ireland and also cats. What follows is a bloodbath of a show with limbs being sawn off, teeth being shattered with hammers and lots and lots of corpses. This was one hell of a gory show which everyone involved in had a great time with.

The performance took place in Volcano Theatre on the 23rd & 24th of February and starred:

Donny – David Oakman
Davey – James Beaumont
Padraic – John Baddeley
Mairead – Emily Summers
James – Darren Scott
Christy – Tom Crilly-McKean
Brendan – Max Mumford
Joey – Ross Barnes

You can find photos of the performance and promotional materials here

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