The History Boys

 7th & 8th March 2012 (Grand Theatre Arts Wing)

Written by Alan Bennett, the History Boys is set in a fictional grammar school in the 1980s, following the story of 8 Oxbridge candidates as they progress under the tuition of 2 very different teaching styles; Hector’s orthodox knowledge-first style and Irwin’s sly approach to answering exams.

It was directed by Bethan Leyshon and Sarah Woodvine, and performed on Wednesday 7th March and Thursday 8th March in 2012 in the Grand Theatre Arts Wing.

Hector – Dominic Padfield

Irwin – Joe Burnham

Dakin – James Lawrence

Posner – Lawrence Porter

Timms – Matthew McKew

Lockwood – Marc Jones

Mrs Lintott – Nicky Jefford

Headmaster – Joshua Sweet

Scripps – Lucas Smith

Rudge – Tom Skirrow

Akthar – Ben Carter

Crowther – Mark Dakin

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