Slow White and The Seven Hoodies

5th & 6th December 2011 (Divas)

Written by Ffion Gwynne, with script editing by Hal Ginnings, Slow White and the Seven Hoodies is a hilarious pantomime based on the fairytale of Snow White. Swapping the seven dwarfs for seven jobless miscreants (who wear Hoodies), and inserting numerous pop culture references, the play follows Slow White who falls in love with Prince Charmin’ and eventually overthrows her evil stepmother, Queen Evilynn, to win back the kingdom and live happily ever after.

It was written and directed by Ffion Gwynne and Hal Ginnings, and performed on Monday 5th December and Tuesday 6th December at Divas, Swansea University.

Slow White – Ruthie Oldham

Queen Evilynn – Vikki Muston

Magic Mirror – Matt Ebbs

Prince Charmin – Lucas Smith

Wilma Ballsdrop – Rex Liddiard

Candy Cox / Waitress – Rosie Luffingham

Dixie Normus / Cheddar Cat – J’Aime McLeod

Narrator – Ben Carter

Charlie Sheen – Craig Evans

Darren Brun – Chris Beard

Ajax the Warrior – James Reid

Wang – Josh Hutin

Happy – Caitlyn Promnitz

Slappy – Wasin Chow Silpa

Dopey – Lawrence Porter

Sheepish – Sarah Woodvine

Scaredy – Emma Davies

Sleazy – Ria  Nichols

Hal Ginnings made an unexpected cameo appearance on the second night as a half-naked fairy.

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