Shakespeare: The Pantomime

Shoreline Theatre is once again putting on their annual panto, this time inspired by the Bard himself!
After a messy break-up with his ex-girl Juliet, the original thesp goes on a journey of self-discovery after Queen Elizabeth forces him out of retirement to write one final show-stopping play (or it’s to the chopping block for him!).
Will Will pull it off?
You’ll just have to come and find out!

Written and Directed by the brilliant:

Katy Card, Maegan Bryon and Will Windridge

Check out the headshots of the cast and creative here


John Fish as William Shakespeare
James Beaumont as Bottom
Katie Donovan as Juliet
Jack Coates as Romeo
Emily Porritt as Queen Elizabeth
Alex Gardiner, Lewis Israel, Chris Wilson as The Three Evil Witches
Maisie Whiting as Portia
James Hill as Mercutio
Maribel Esdaile as Ariel
Ulysses Jones as Coriolanus
Tabitha Lewis as Kate
Ellie Bergin as Lady Macbeth
Darby Okafor as Don John
Ramone Mohindru as Tom Snout
Kajal Grant as Rosaline
Corey Edwards as Richard III
Emeline Simandl, Katherine Peacop, Rachel Coleman as Squires
Francesca Hutin as The Signholder

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