Scary Play

May 2012

One of the National Theatre Connections plays commissioned for young people. Written by Judith Johnson in 2007, Scary Play is a comedy thriller set in the world of children. 11 year old Kal, the bravest of the group and the obvious leader, tells scary stories to his friends and eventually they dare eachother to enter a local haunted house with both hilarious and terrifying consequences.

Performed in the Taliesin Arts Centre as a one-act alongside No Exit.

17th & 18th May 2012 (Taliesin Arts Centre)

Directed by Hazel Monaghan and Harry Thurston.

Kal – Benjo Fraser

Mal – Steven Hirst

Ro – Matt Ebbs

Tilly – Bethan Leyshon

Jaz – Pearl Nunn

Boff – Harry Thurston

Lou – Hannah Docherty

The Man – Fred Cooper

Night Watchman – Dom Padfield

Monkey – Anthony Dodwell

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