Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s joyous comedy about confused lovers, magical intervention and a donkey  was set in a sophisticated world ideally suited to being shaken up.

Written by William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream tells the tale of four lovers whose romantic intentions are manipulated by the magic of the King of the Fairies and his underling Puck. The play mixes romantic notions with comedy.

It was directed by Nina Hansson and Roselle Bridge and was performed on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2011 at the Dylan Thomas Theatre.

The show featured a collaboration with the Dance Society and the show was choreographed by Gemma Clegg.

Nominated for ‘Best Event’ in the 2011 SU Awards.

Check out the performance photos here

Lysander – Lucas Smith

Demetrius – David Oakman

Helena – Jennifer Hope

Hermia – Harriet Guppy

Theseus – Pearl Nunn

Hippolyta – Juliana MacAdams

Egeus – Charlotte Stones

Philostrate & Starveling – Ben Carter

Oberon – Michael Johnson

Titania – Hazel Monaghan

Puck – Benedict Fraser

Nick Bottom / Pyramus – Katie Burke

Francis Flute – Duncan Gallienne

Tom Stout – Eliot Miller

Peter Quince – Ross James Gribble

Snug / Lion / Fairy – John Welch

 The dance scenes were choreographed by Gemma Clegg.

Dancers were Tegan Rochfort, Jeny Nevard, Brydie O’Sullivan, Jojo Lee and Yvonne Tsui.

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