Look Back in Anger

John Osbourne’s Look Back in Anger changed the course of English Theatre with its brutal representation of post-war youth. The year is 1956 and English ideals of married life seem to be slipping away…
Jimmy, an educated and intellectual young man, lives resentfully and unhappily with his upper-class wife Alison and their lodger – a lovable Welsh oaf, Cliff. Life is tough and each day brings a new argument, but Cliff keeps the days ticking along for the trio.

Alison’s friend Helena conveniently shows up at their tiny flat just in time to hear the news – Alison discovers she is pregnant. Very vulnerable, and confused, she doesn’t know how to approach the subject with her irritable, hot-headed husband. Helena is quick to rise to the occasion and offer her solution, calling Alison’s father to take her home.

The question soon arises – are her intentions as sincere as they seem? Is she helping her friend make the right decision, or is she really the “devil in Dior’s clothing” Jimmy has always thought her to be?

Jimmy Porter – Adam Ganczakowski
Alison Porter – Maisie Whiting
Cliff Lewis – Nathan Woodford-Rott
Helena Charles – Cerys Humphries
Colonel Redfern – Ross Barnes

Directed by Emma Swiss

You can find a link to photos of the performance here

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