Little Red Hood: A Panto With Friction

December 2015

Some would say this will not be your traditional pantomime and they would be CORRECT! Think fairytales meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show! What will happen? Who knows behind closed doors..?

Written & Directed by Josh Hutin & Cerys Humphries.

Check out the cast photos here

The Cast is as follows –

Narrator: Steven Stringer

Jack: Emma Swiss

Jill: Anina Kinzel

Rasher: John Welch

Loin: James Mcllroy

Chop: Peter Gardener

BBW: Kaileen Johnson

Old King Cole: Nathan Woodford-Rôtt

Cheshire Cat: Katy Card

Alice: Charlotte Lawrence

White Rabbit: John Fish

Tweedle Dum: Joe Dickinson

Tweedle Dee: Paddy Forde

Little Red: Jack Coates

Wolfie: Jack Bravery

Bippity: Lauren Jenkins

Boppity: Maegan Bryon

Boo: Jenny Morris

Humpty Dumpty: Jevan Cannon

Hansel: Will Windridge

Mirror: Francesca Hutin

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