24 Hour Plays

March 2017

24 Hour Plays return for their third year of performing in Shoreline, and this year was an absolute cracker. Featuring three groups of five members, the groups were given 24 coffee-addled and sleepless hours to create a fantastic play each. What emerged on the other side was something quite remarkable.

Firstly we had “The Unexpected Cast of Deidre Brown” which was a murder mystery story where the lead actor playing Detective Deidre Brown didn’t actually show up! This meta fourth-wall breaking comedy had audiences in stitches.

Secondly came “Happiness on a Boat” which was the complete opposite of what the title suggested. A piece of work which incorporates the Rashomon effect showing the same piece from a different perspective, the short play took place on a plane with a rather fussy customer and her unamused neighbour taking centre stage after much bickering. However, in the background, a far darker scene unfolded which only became apparent upon the play’s second run-through where a girl was regretting her decision to run away from home with a dangerous stranger.

Lastly came the Magical Mythical Monster Mayham Bonanza Quiz Show, from a group who as you can probably tell were drinking a lot of wine at the time. This centred around two humans entering a magical quiz show to win the mythical Genie’s lamp which will grant them three wishes. Unfortunately, they get a bit more than they bargained for when the quizmaster is a magical wizard, the luscious assistant is a snarky fairy and they’re competing against a fire-breathing dragon.


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