What’s New?

So you may have heard that Shoreline has an updated Website but you might be wondering what exactly is new? In the following blog post, I’ll go through all the cool new links and features that are available. Be sure to have a little look around!


First things first we now have a remarkably professional and sleek website which has been radically changed from the old style with its own personalised web address.With easily accessible social media links at the top of the page, drop down menus to distinguish between years and a search function at the bottom, flicking through our pages and content has never been easier. We also have an events calendar at the bottom of the page with everything that’s coming up in f


Our About section now includes crucial information for prospective members of the society with links to our Facebook page, our Facebook members group and our Student Union Page for easy payments. Also included the names and roles of the current committee members


Our news tab has also been revitalised with a new blog feature which means that updates to the website can be posted swiftly and can be reposted through our social media links so no one can be left out of the loop.


Our Gallery Tab now links directly to our Flickr account which holds all our photos from previous years.


A new addition to the menu, Venues shows the spaces we have used for our productions in the past and includes links to the websites themselves for further reading.

Past Productions

Now this was the hard one, getting the last seven years of Shoreline Productions into this format took an awfully long time but the time and effort were definitely worth it. Past Productions are now easily viewable with links to the recording and production photos where available. Unfortunately all productions before 2010 were not recorded on the site so could not be included, though now with this new system it should make it almost impossible for such losses to occur again.

Our Members

The members from previous years have now been subdivided into their years. Unfortunately again there is a loss of records as information of members before 2014 could not be found, though again I hope that this will not happen again with this new system.

Shoreline Committee

The committee section has been updated to include information about previous committees in a new drop down menu for easy navigation. Also included is a bit more about the role of the committee itself, how an AGM (Annual General Meeting) works, how to run for committee and the Shoreline Constitution which details our mission and goals as a society.

Shoreline Oscars

Next up are the Shoreline Oscars which have also been tidied up into different years. This section though not too relevant for the moment will be towards the end of the year when things like polls for voting will be updated.

Contact Us

This is a page I’m particularly proud of as it includes links to all our social media outlets as well as our suggestion box and a contact form included at the bottom so there will be no doubt for anyone reading about where to contact us.


This is a small page which is a new addition and features lots of different links to pages which might be helpful in aiding our members to better their drama knowledge. Most of these are stolen from reddit but are incredibly useful none-the-less so be sure to check it out.

And that about covers it!

If you have anything which you would like to suggest for the website or anything which you think needs to be altered then please use the Contact page to get in touch with us!


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