by Aristophanes

As the Peloponnesian war wages in Greece, the military wives concoct a plan to keep their men at home. They go on sex strike. Shoreline Theatre Company presents the incredible tale of Lysistrata and her gang of revolutionaries, who brought about peace the unconventional way in Aristophanes’ greatest comedy.

Directed by Josh Hutin and Michael Johnson, Lysistrata will be performed in April 2013.

– Cast –

Lysistrata – Jade Skeltcha

Calonice – Ophelia Xerri

Myrrhine – Verity Williams

Lampito – Hannah Ballanger

Stratyllis – Kirstin Rhyder

Ismenia – Fran Hobson

Melantha – Kavita B. Purohit

Xanthia – Ella Potts

Elpis – Pearl Nunn

Magistrate – Tom Skirrow

Cinesias – Mark Lloyd

Herald – Yushi Redhead

Dromeus – James Lawrence

Korax – John Welch

Pheado – Mo Comfort

Zagreus – Mathew Carty

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